News, Updates and Other Minutiae

27 December 2016

Another addition to the Gallery section. This time, fitting a DDS module to a Philips PM5326 RF Generator to cure a bad drift problem.

26 November 2016

Additional software for the Simple DDS VFO added. This enables the pushbutton on the encoder to change step size (step sizes 10kHz, 1kHz and 10Hz). See the notes in the Download section of the Simple DDS VFO page for more info.

20 November 2016

I have had some interesting conversations with homebrewers over the last few years relating to experiments/modifications of the works published on this website. One of the things on the 'list of things to do', was to publish some of their pics' etc on my website, so along that line, the first one, a filter/leveller for DDS modules from G3OAG, is now on my site. This one and all the others I have available to show, will be posted under the 'Gallery' menu. Now that things are starting to return to somewhat normal around here, I will endeavour to get the others up as quickly as possible (with apologies to those that have been waiting to see their work in lights).

7 November 2016

For reasons that don't need to be gone into publicly, I have had extremely limited time to do anything in the workshop for the last 18 months or so, so everything is lagging way behind project wise.

I have however updated the website to (hopefully) be more usable on mobile devices and those stupid little pad like things (each to their own, but I'm not a fan of them). As far as I can tell, everything is still in place, but if you find anything that doesn't work, let me know.

Things may change slightly as I work on the site, but all the links/pages should stay where they are.

November - 2016

Updated the website to (hopefully) be more mobile friendly. The "Misc" pages are currently not linked in yet, but will add them at a later date (or more commonly known as - 'when I get around to it'). "Misc" pages are now linked (I found my roundtuit). My "Smartphone" (smart my a**e) died, so I have no way of checking all of this to see if it is working properly until I get a replacement, so if you find a problem with viewing this site on a "Smart" device, let me know please.

A quick update on happenings - Jan 2015

I have moved the details of the PSK kit re-release to it's own page PSK kit info

Have also made a little progress on the DDS ALC over the last couple of weeks, getting the level to within 2dBm over the range of 2 - 60 MHz, so close, but no banana yet.

A quick update on happenings - Dec 2014

Just a quick update on what is happening around here ham radio wise. I have been working on the ALC for my DDS project on and off. Still not coming up with anything I am happy with, but I will eventually get that sorted.

Back on the air!

After 20 odd years, I am finally back on the air - yea. Firstly, thanks to the following for the first contact on January 4th (2014) after such a long time away: VK3VCR, Gary VK3VBI, Ron VK5FTRG, Tom Also coming in near the end of the contact was Darryl VK5JDS and Ron VK5VH. Thankyou Gentlemen. It is amazing what you forget after being "out of the game" for so long. Simple things like having paper and pen and even a watch/clock to record the details of the contact. Won't take long to get back into the swing of it though. So, now for the how and what. It was, except for the transceiver, a very heath robinson affair as the pictures below will show, but it worked. The transceiver is a KNQ7A which I assembled from a kit (I am also now the Australian distributor for these kits). This was followed with the obligatory swr meter, a variable cap/roller inductor combination to match to the 22m of hookup wire hung off the TV tower back to the shed, power supply and a couple of croc leads. This version of the KNQ7A is VXO controlled over the range of approximately 7.080MHz to 7.100MHz with a power output of around 7-8 watts. I still need to finalise the alignment, put the top on it and measure the actual power out. The ham bench Antenna tuner/connection Yes, you can have a good chuckle, I won't mind. It even surprised me that I was able to make a contact with this setup. But wait, there's more. How about this for the microphone connection? Microphone connection I don't have any 8 pin mic connectors on hand and the Nokia microphone has an RJ45 connector on it. The result, an RJ45 socket (the white thing in the top pic near the mic input) and some female pins cut out of a moulded DB15 connector to hook it all up.

TIP - need pcb pins or sockets to connect to pcb pins? Find an old lead with DB style connectors that you no longer have use for and carefully remove the pins.
Old DB style connectors

All in all, it was a very enjoyable first contact, after getting over the shock this all worked. Now to get on and put up a better antenna. (And I haven't been idle re the DDS project, some more to post shortly)