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As a lot of people have pics of things unrelated to ham radio on their websites, I thought I would add a couple of my own (Scroll down for site updates). Banjo, our Red Heeler/Koolie cross at 4 months old. Banjo at 4 months And at 12 months old (Feb 2016) enjoying his birthday breakfast treat of banana on toast. Banjo at 4 months

May 2017

New project added - my version of the X-Phase noise canceller. PCB available and a kit of parts to follow soon

27 December 2016

Another addition to the Gallery section. This time, fitting a DDS module to a Philips PM5326 RF Generator to cure a bad drift problem.

26 November 2016

Additional software for the Simple DDS VFO added. This enables the pushbutton on the encoder to change step size (step sizes 10kHz, 1kHz and 10Hz). See the notes in the Download section of the Simple DDS VFO page for more info.

20 November 2016

I have had some interesting conversations with homebrewers over the last few years relating to experiments/modifications of the works published on this website. One of the things on the 'list of things to do', was to publish some of their pics' etc on my website, so along that line, the first one, a filter/leveller for DDS modules from G3OAG, is now on my site. This one and all the others I have available to show, will be posted under the 'Gallery' menu. Now that things are starting to return to somewhat normal around here, I will endeavour to get the others up as quickly as possible (with apologies to those that have been waiting to see their work in lights).

The Shack

The Shack

Well, what can I say. It is a disaster zone. When we were looking for a house in 2009, one of the things I wanted was a house with a big shed. So what did I get? A house with no shed. Well, the wife fell in love with this one and you can't disappoint the wife, can you. Not to put too fine a point on it, some 9 months after we moved in, the shed went up. It's only half the size I need so it is somewhat cramped in there. On top of that, things needed doing urgently, so everything was more or less put in a 'that'll do for now' place and re-organisational progress is slow. Injuries sustained in my car accident mean that I am limited in how much I can do at any one time, so it's steady as she goes. It will get there eventually.