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I have, for quite a while, provided modified versions of the code for my projects free of charge. However, the cost of webhosting for this site has tripled in the last couple of years and the little I make out of the pcbs I sell goes nowhere near covering this cost.

As of October 2017, I will be asking for a donation in exchange for providing custom modified code for my projects to help keep this site available.

As a lot of people have pics of things unrelated to ham radio on their websites, I thought I would add a couple of my own (Scroll down for site updates). Banjo, our Red Heeler/Koolie cross at 4 months old. Banjo at 4 months And at 12 months old (Feb 2016) enjoying his birthday breakfast treat of banana on toast. Banjo at 4 months A new addition to the family, an 11 week old kitten (end July 2017), rescued by Banjo after being trapped between a water tank and fence. Her name is Storm after her colouring and it's eating a bit of toast and jam (yes, our animals do eat strange things, including lemon meringue pie). They are now the best of friends. Storm at 10 weeks

October 2017

Simple DDS VFO project updated and software file uploaded. The pushbutton on the encoder is used to change step size (step sizes 10Hz, 1kHz and 10kHz).

September 2017

Noise Canceller kits now available.

July 2017

Updated both the DDS Xtal Substitute and DDS Xtal Substitute Mark 2 projects into one project. The original webpages are available to download as PDF's.

May 2017

New project added - my version of the X-Phase noise canceller. PCB available and a kit of parts to follow soon

27 December 2016

Another addition to the Gallery section. This time, fitting a DDS module to a Philips PM5326 RF Generator to cure a bad drift problem.

PicKit 3 Programming Adapter

A programming adapter for use with the PicKit 3 programmer

When the PIC programmer that I have used for several years finally bit the dust, I had to decide what to replace it with. Because I needed it in a hurry, I decided to purchase PicKit 3 programmer from Microchip. Also needed was an adapter to program the PIC's in, which, of course, doesn't come with the PK3. As I had already made an adapter for the previous programmer, I had a look to see if it could be adapted for use with the PK3. The result is shown below. It is mounted on a piece of scrap chipboard to make it easier to use. Note that I have only tested this with 12F and 16F series PIC's only, so I'm not sure yet if it works for any of the other PIC series. Programming adapter The only thing I had to add was a switch to select between VPP and VPP2, as the old programmer was smart enough to switch between different VPP lines depending on the size (28/40 or 8/14/18/20 pin) of the PIC being programmed. Added switch drawing I used a very small switch that could be soldered to the pcb. You could use any handy SPDT switch and make a small mounting bracket for it, of course. Don't forget to label which position is which, otherwise it is very easy to kill a PIC if it is in the wrong position. Pcb with switch added As you can see, I used a bit of ribbon cable with marker (to identify pin 1 on the PK3 connector). For the other end, I used a piece of single in line header and sealed the connections with some hot melt glue. PK3 header connector The pcb layout is pretty straight forward and as is usual with my projects, you can download the layout file at the bottom of this page. Pcb layout Since the photo's were taken, I have marked the top of the pcb with the position of the various size chips. Below are some small graphics that you can use to make labels for the positions, they are available to download in the zip file below as well. PIC placement PIC placement PIC placement PIC placement PIC placement PIC placement I have been using the standalone PK3 programmer software and some enterprising person might like to have a go at including these into that piece of software. (The source code is available on the Microchip site.)


These files are provided free for personal use ONLY. I retain all copyright on all works published on this website. They may NOT be used in any commercial or profit making enterprise of any kind without the express WRITTEN permission of the copyright holder.

(Right click and 'Save as..' or what ever is required by your browser) VK5TM PicKit 3 Prog Adapter.lay6 The Sprint Layout 6 pcb file. See the PCB Info page for information on using this file. Adapter PIC placement graphics The graphics from above re placement of the PIC's in the zif socket.